How To Make A House Move Easy On Your Children

A house move is stressful on everyone; it is hard to avoid it. Children are often hit especially hard by the move because the place they live may be all they have ever known. Their home offers them a sense of security that is taken away from them when they travel to a new place. They may be leaving friends and neighbours that they have become familiar with behind too.

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We must consider their feelings at every stage of the plan; it is the only way we can help them to come to terms with starting a life elsewhere.

Here are a few ideas to help you manage your children’s anxiety over such a momentous change. They are easy to do if you will put a little time aside for them.

Make A List Of Requirements

Before you start looking around for a new place, sit down with the kids and ask them what they would like in a new home. They may ask for a bigger bedroom than the one they have now, or maybe a room of their own if they share. It is certain that they will request a huge garden. This part of the project gets them involved from the start and will give them ample time for the idea of moving to sink in.

Take Them To Viewings

Take them with you when you go to view potential properties from estate agents in Harrogate, for example. Let them see for themselves the benefits of the new home and its surroundings. There may be a park nearby or a wide open space where they can play; these little things matter.

Bedroom Furnishings

When you have decided on a new home and have the room measurements, help the children to draw a plan for the interior design. Investigate floor and window coverings in addition to furniture. If you take them a walk around IKEA, they will become very enthusiastic about their new bedroom. Allow them to have an extra bed so that they can still have an old friend to stay occasionally if you are not moving far and can afford to do so.

Memory Box

Help them to put together a memory box to remind them of the old home. It can include photographs, drawings, birthday cards, and gifts given by friends. You could even pull a small piece of wallpaper off the bedroom wall.

Party Time!

Before you go, let the kids throw the party of a lifetime for their friends. It is a fantastic way to say goodbye, though there will be tears at times.


Thanks to the internet, we are never out of touch. Make sure you have all of their friends contact details so that they can still communicate with them by letter, email, or face to face via video chat.

When you are in your new surroundings, don’t forget to make extra fuss of the children. They will soon settle in and adjust to the area and people at their school or nursery. Youngsters are very good at making friends and before long their old life will be ancient history. That is when you know you have done a top job.


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